What would happen to the world in which appeared a device capable of cloning anything?
Overloop is a dystopian puzzle platformer set in a world where the cloning of anything is possible. Clone yourself using the Cloning Gun. Use your copies the way you want. Kill them if you wish, they don't matter.


  • Clone yourself and meet your clone. Sacrifice him to solve a deadly puzzle. Make another one and have fun!
  • Local Coop! Bring a friend, make copies of each other. Debate who's going to die on a next puzzle.
  • Want some hardcore? Make hundreds of clones, but try to save the original you.
  • Discover all possible ways to die: use lasers, saws, guns, or just squish yourself between two walls.
... It’s shaping up to be a a fantastic sci-fi puzzle platforming adventure with a wonderfully wicked sense of humor. Highly recommended.

Alpha Beta Gamer

... It’s a great demo featuring some nice, gory pixel art, a lively soundtrack, a strong comedy element.