Help to localize Overloop on different languages

You know that feeling when you’re playing a game on your native language – it makes the game 1000% better! I want to make only the best experience for Overloop players. That’s why i need your help with localization. I’m looking for enthusiasts, who can help me with these languages at first: French, Italian, German, […] Continue reading

Excellence in Game Design winner and $5000 for Overloop

Receiving an award for your game is always an inspiration – it works like a sign that you move in right direction. At the last DevGAMM Awards Overloop got even two awards! First time i came onto stage as Best Indie Game nominee and got $5000 USD in prize. I can’t even describe how this […] Continue reading

New title for Infinity Inc.

Changing habitual things is hard, but sometimes we have to make tough decisions. Partially “Infinity Inc.” is inspired by Isaac Asimov’s “The End of Eternity”. I wanted to make a little reference to this great novel. This is how i came up with title “Infinity Inc.” I like how this title sounds. Actually i think it […] Continue reading

The end?

Hello everyone! Infinity Inc. campaign didn’t succeed, but what does it mean for me and the game? What’s next? Is it the end? Definitely not. The way was hard and exhausting, but very useful and valuable in the same time. It gave me an experience that any money on Earth couldn’t give. And what’s even more important […] Continue reading

Love, Games and Independence

We all know what indie game development is. But what stands behind that all? It’s a love story, two people, five years and fifteen games made at the time of our Independence. The Cold I was standing under the canopy of a very strange house on the outskirts of the Northern City. It was cold […] Continue reading

Demo is available, IndieGoGo is live!

Hello everyone, I’m glad to announce that demo-version of Infinity Inc. is already available on Gamejolt for PC, Mac and Linux! Go download it here: Also there’s IndieGoGo campaign which needs your help. Check the rewards and help the game if you like it! Thank you, i really appreciate your help. Hope you’ll enjoy the […] Continue reading

New trailers and IndieGoGO announce

Hi everyone! A month passed since i decided to start an IndieGoGo campaign (even a bit more) and today i’m glad to announce a campaign start date! March 21, 2017 Infinity Inc. will extremely need your support on IndieGoGо and few days later i’m planning to launch Greenlight (in case it’ll be still alive). However, today […] Continue reading

Infinity Inc. is People’s Choice Awards nominee on IMGAwards!

Sounds like a dream, right? Exactly! But it’s a reality – Infinity Inc. is a People’s Choice Awards nominee! I didn’t expect that at all when was submitting the game on the contest. Take a look on other games – they’re titans of mobile gaming industry! Batman (Telltale), Crypt of the Necrodancer, Deus Ex Go, Invisible Inc, […] Continue reading

Crowdfunding – to be or not to be?

Yes, i decided to start a crowdfunding campaign. Everybody knows how hard it is to successfully complete raising funds for your game, that’s why it’s even more exciting! Let’s walk this way together, bring your calculators – will be counting money! The goal becomes easier when you have what to show people. For over a year […] Continue reading

New location – sawmill!

Greetings, my friends! While whole world went crazy and watches Trump’s inauguration i decided to spend time more wisely and write this update post! Today i’m going to show you a sawmill location. I think saws in games is pretty common and boring gameplay element, that’s why i didn’t put a lot of them in […] Continue reading

Update: new animations and forester’s house

Hello, everyone! How’re you doing? Today i want to share with you some pics and animations i made in December, but not all of them, ok? I have to leave something for next post! First is the forester’s house outside, not finished yet, but anyway i like the concept. And interior. Warm, right? Always wanted […] Continue reading

Steam concepts

Hello, friends! Today i first learned that you may have a Steam game’s page before it’s release or starting Greenlight – of course, i’m talking about Steam Concepts! I think it’s great opportunity to test your media materials and actually see, how your page will look like, using concepts. I don’t know how strong is community there, […] Continue reading

IGF 2017

Hello, everyone! Infinity Inc. development has entered it’s active phase. I spent September on completing each tiny part of the game for IGF 2017 demo-build, then 2 weeks for fixing bugs and adding some features from your feedback, so by October 17th the game was successfully submitted for the festival, yay! Of course, there’s still […] Continue reading