Excellence in Game Design winner and $5000 for Overloop

Receiving an award for your game is always an inspiration – it works like a sign that you move in right direction.


At the last DevGAMM Awards Overloop got even two awards! First time i came onto stage as Best Indie Game nominee and got $5000 USD in prize. I can’t even describe how this money important for me and of course i will spend them on Overloop development.



For the second time i came on stage as Excellence in Game Design winner already. I was really glad to get that award, because i think game design is the most important thing in games and i put a lot effort to make it good in Overloop.


Overloop looks so amazing on big screen!

Now i’m back to development. I’m scary to look at that list of changes and improvements of Overloop, which contains almost 200 points, but i’m sure everything is gonna be fine and soon you’ll see one more cool game.


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